Needle Etchings


The needle etching process was an early etching method used before the DPE (deep plate etching) process which was utilized for the etchings contained in the other albums in this category.

Identified Decorate Overlays


Decorate overlays are designs created by normally applying enamels or precious metals to unetched glassware although the overlay may be applied to a frosted background in a few cases.

Unspecified Decorate Overlays


The images in this album were taken from the Cambridge Glass etching plates. There is no confirmed decorate name or number for these overlays. A unique number has been assigned for reference purposes.

Pre-1920 Decorate Overlays


These few decorates were shown in various catalogs prior to 1920. They were applied enamel decorations.

Band Decorations


These decorations have only been seen on early tumblers sold as part of the barware offering.

Sand Blast Decorations


This type of decoration was applied only to early barware tumblers and is sometimes referred to as sand blast engravings or as sand blast etchings.

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