2577 Line


The 2577 line appeared in the first catalog issued by Cambridge in 1903. The molds may have been transferred from another glass plant within the National Glass conglomerate to get the Cambridge plant production started.

2579 Line


The 2579 line was introduced prior to 1906.

2589 Line


The 2589 line was introduced prior to 1906.

2590 & 2590½ Lines


The 2590 line production began very early with a limited number of items and grew in number over the next decade. It was expanded to include 2590½ shapes and became the base glass for numerous cuttings and etchings.

2626 Radium Line


The Radium line was introduced before 1906. Many of the sizes listed are unfinished sizes as obtained directly from each mold. The finishing process changed the items final size.

2630 Plymouth Line


The Plymouth line was introduced for the 1905 selling season.

2631 Marjorie Line


The Marjorie line was introduced for the 1905 selling season.

2634 Line


The 2634 line was introduced prior to 1906.

2635 Fernland Line


The earliest reference to the Fernland line was found in a 1906 Cambridge catalog. Fernland was apparently phased out some time after 1910.

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