2636 "Sunburst" Design


The 2636 Sunburst Design was introduced circa 1907.

2647 Dorothy Line & Lotus Design


The Dorothy line first appeared in a January 1907 trade advertisement. The Lotus Design was introduced in 1905 but the molds for the Lotus Design were reworked to create the Dorothy line by placing a cross-hatch design over a smooth bubble of the Lotus Design.

2651 Feather Line


The Feather line first appeared in a trade advertisement in January 1907.

2653 Ribbon Line


The Ribbon line was introduced for the 1908 selling season.

2656 Star Line


The Star line was introduced for the 1908 selling season. Initially these items were molded without the fine ray lines. These ray lines were cut on later items and are called "Cut 813 Sunburst".

2660 Wheat Sheaf Line


The Wheat Sheaf line was introduced for sale beginning in 1908.

2692 Guernsey Line


The Guernsey line was introduced early in 1909. Listed at line 2892 in later catalogs.

2693 Line


The 2693 line was introduced circa 1909. Some items are found decorated with partial gold inlay.

2694 Line


The 2694 line was introduced circa 1909. Although Cambridge had no name for this line, collectors have nicknamed this line "Spoons."

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