Block Optic Line (500)


Two patent applications were made January 29, 1925 covering the Block Optic line. Some molds included the Block Optic feature while other non-optic molds were used and an optic was applied. Collectors call this "Honeycomb" optic.

Chelsea Line (4070)


The 4070 Chelsea line was introduced in late 1920 for sale beginning in the 1921 selling season.

Decagon Line


The first items in the Decagon Line were probably introduced in the mid-1920s. Cambridge expanded the number of items into a complete line beginning in 1929.

Martha Washington Line


The Martha Washington Line items were introduced starting in 1927 as the Centennial Line. Centennial line numbers were not always the same as Martha Washington line numbers. Where the shapes matched, the Centennial number is shown in the description of the Martha Washington items and size differences are noted. In the 1931 catalog supplement, the line was reference as "Victorian Period" Glassware. The item numbers match the Martha Washington line numbers.

Moderne Line (3300)


The 3300 Moderne line was introduced in 1929. It was marketed to the hotel, restaurant, tea room and soda fountain businesses.

Stratford Line


The Stratford line was introduced in late 1921 or early 1922 and was first advertised as Old English Stratford. Stratford has larger diamonds or pyramids than the similar Mount Vernon line introduced in 1931.

Wetherford Line


The Wetherford line first appeared in trade advertising in 1926 and appeared again in the 1927 Cambridge catalog. The name was spelled "Wetherford" on both catalog pages while the name was spelled "Weatherford" in trade advertising. The line was apparently discontinued before 1930. Many items will have engraving #39 which is 6 closely spaced gray-cut lines.

Beverage Sets


The beverage sets included a decanter and six beverage tumblers or stems usually on a serving tray.


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