3080 Stemware Line


The 3080 stemware line was probably introduced in the 1920s but documented references are found in the late 1930s.

3085 Stemware & Tumbler Line


The 3085 stemware line was introduced in 1927.

3095 Stemware Line


The 3095 Stemware Line was introduced in the fall of 1928 and appears to have a short production life.

3115 Stemware Line


The 3115 stemware line was introduced in late 1928. Design patent 78,896 was issued for this stemware on July 2, 1929 to Wilber L. Orme.

3120 Stemware Line


The 3120 stemware line was introduced in 1929. Design patent 80,580 was issued to Wilbur L. Orme on February 25, 1930.

3123 Stemware Line


Aero optics (bubble effects) was introduced in 1929 and was short lived. The 3123 stemware line was the 3120 stemware line with aero optics applied. Aero optics were also applied to tableware. Design patent was issued to Orie J. Mosser on January 14, 1930.

3130 Stemware & Tumbler Line


The 3130 stemware line was introduced in late 1929. Two design patents were issued February 17, 1931 to Wilbur L. Orme showing this stem and a specific etching as follows: 83,412 with E746 Gloria and 83,413 with E744 Apple Blossom. The production stem has some vertical ribs not shown in the design patents.



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