3800 Arcadia Line


The 3800 Arcadia line was introduced in 1943 as a new distinct design. Due to the similarity to some items in the Leaf and Everglade line, collectors often consider it part of the Everglade line. Some items from the Leaf Line were included in the Arcadia Line as noted.

3900 Corinth Line


The Corinth line was introduced circa 1945 under the name "Coronet." The name was changed very shortly after introduction to Corinth.

4000 Cascade Line


The 4000 Cascade line was introduced in December 1947.

5000 Heirloom Line


The 5000 Heirloom line was a reintroduction of the Martha Washington line circa 1949.

Cambridge Arms, Epergnes & Components


The Cambridge Arms line was introduced in 1949. It included new and some older components to mix and match to make a large variety of Cambridge Arms units and epergnes.


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