1067 Stemware Line


The 1067 stemware line first appeared in a 1954 price list supplement showing three new rock crystal engravings: 1089 Sylvan, 1091 Empress & 1094 Lyric. No examples of these engravings are currently available. 1067 stemware was made like the 1066 stemware but with a smooth ball in the stem.

1937 Pristine Low Stemware Line


The 1937 Pristine stemware line is a modified shorter version of the 1936 Pristine stemware. It was introduced in 1954.

1953 Cathedral Stemware Line


The 1953 Cathedral stemware line was introduced in 1953.

1955 Tumbler Line


The 1955 Tumbler line was introduced circa 1955.

1958 Stemware Line


The 1958 stemware line was introduced in 1958. These stems are the same as the 3144 Virginian stems without the optic used on the 3144 line.

1959 Stemware Line


The 1959 stemware line was introduced circa 1957. The line is the same as the 1957 Sonata stemware with the addition of a bubble in the stem.

3790 Simplicity Line


The 3790 stemware line was introduced in 1950 and continued in production through the 1950s. The line was sold under the name "Simplicity" in the late 1950s.

3791 Tumbler Line


The 3791 Tumbler line was introduced in 1956 or earlier and was available plain or D/Modern, a platinum rim band.

3795 Sweetheart (Version 1)/Allegro (Version 2) Stemware Lines


The 3795 Sweetheart stemware line as introduced in 1951 in the single heart stem. The stemware was modified and the name changed to Allegro circa 1956.

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