Stemware - Full Shape Shown


Examples of complete stemware singles and lines. Samples are shown with links to additional stems when available. Drinking vessels are the main items included but links may display other items on the same stems. Some links also display footed tumblers that do not have stems.

General Shapes


This album provides links to overall shapes other than stemware and pharmaceutical line shapes.

Pharmaceutical Line Shapes


This album contains an extensive line for the Chemical, Laboratory Supply, Physicians, Druggists, Photographers and Watchmakers Trades. Collectors generally refer to this line as the Pharmaceutical line. Select items from this line are still being made by the Variety Glass, Inc., Cambridge, Ohio.

Nearcut Era General Lines


Examples of each Nearcut Era General Line with links to full albums.

1917-1958 General Lines


Examples of each major line from 1917 to 1958 with links to full albums.

1917-1958 Stemware Stems & Bowls


Examples of common stemware lines from 1917 to 1958 with links to full albums. Stemware stems & bowls are shown separately.

Pressed Glassware Stems


This album provides links to specific stems or "legs" used on pressed glassware identified in unpublished Cambridge Glass Company records. This does NOT contain comprehensive examples of all stems used by Cambridge.



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