Charleton Decorations


Charleton decorations are a class of hand painted decorations applied to porcelain and glass items by Abels, Wasserburg & Company in their New York City decorating studio. The items were purchased from foreign and domestic companies like Cambridge. Only Cambridge items are shown in this album.

Farber Brothers & Sheffield Silver Co.


Unless otherwise noted, all Farber Bros. holders are the chromium plated patented clip-on clip-off style manufactured by Farber Brothers, New York City, own initially by Harry & Louis Farber and sold under the Krome-Kraft logo. These holders were invented by John Joseph Willmott who assigned patent numbers 87496 & 1924011 to Louis Farber in 1932 & 1933. Sterling Silver holders were made by the Sheffield Silver Company, independently owned and maintained by the Farber brothers, later by Louis Farber alone after Harry died.

Yardley London


Yardley London has been maker and distributor of soap and fragrances since 1770. The glass items in this album are believed to have been made by Cambridge Glass. Some tops were made in glass while others were made in plastic.

R. Wallace & Sons


Cambridge products with sterling silver finish or sterling silver metal components added by R. Wallace & Sons Manufacturing Company, Wallingford, Connecticut.

Private Molds


The items in this album were made in molds created by Cambridge for specific customers who paid for creating the molds. At least 711 molds were produced by Cambridge. By their very nature, few of the items appeared in Cambridge catalogs making it difficult to identify many examples. The private molds carried numbers beginning with a zero. Later molds were recorded in surviving mold order books and sometimes contained enough notes enabling researchers to identify glass produced in private molds. A list of known private mold descriptions can be downloaded within this album.


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