Mount Vernon Line


The Mount Vernon line was introduced in 1931 and some items continued in production for more than 2 decades. This line was a modified version of the Stratford line that had larger diamonds in the pattern.

Seashell Line


The Seashell line was introduced to the trade in early 1935. For a time in the late 1930s, select items made in crystal were sold as Kyrstolshell. Kyrstolshell versions have a smooth interior while Seashell items have shell details on the interior. The use of the name Krystolshell was discontinued by June 1941 when all items were sold as Seashell. Both versions were made from the same mold using different plungers with and without shell details.

Virginian Line


The Virginian line was introduced in early 1938. Several of the molds used to make the Virginian line were reworked in 1956 to make the Jenny Lind line.



This album includes items that don't fit in any other album and includes muddlers, novelty animals and unnumbered items.



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