Plate Etching American Beauty


Plate etching American Beauty was introduced in 1952. It was also available as D/American Beauty gold encrusted and D/Rose gold encrusted on Bent Glass.

Plate Etching Daffodil


Plate etching Daffodil was introduced in 1950.

Plate Etching Dawn


Plate etching Dawn was introduced in the early 1950s prior to October, 1953.

Plate Etching Leaf


Plate Etching Leaf was introduced in 1956.

Plate Etching Magnolia


Plate etching Magnolia was introduced in 1952.

Plate Etching Mimosa


Plate Etching Mimosa was introduced in 1956.

Plate Etching Paisley


Plate Etching Paisley was introduced circa 1956. All of the items shown in this album were listed as available with the Paisley etching even though many of the items don't show the actual etching.

Plate Etching Woodland


Plate Etching Woodland was introduced in 1956.

Decorate 1063 Talisman Rose


Decorate 1063 first appeared in the 1930s as Gold Rose. In 1950, it was listed as Talisman Rose and had a frosted background.

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