1956 Line


The 1956 line was introduced circa 1956.

1957 Sonata (The Oval Line)


The 1957 Sonata oval line was introduced for the 1957 selling season.

3797 Cambridge Square


The 3797 Cambridge Square line was introduced for the 1952 selling season.

Jenny Lind Line


The Jenny Lind line was introduced in 1956. Several molds from the older Virginian line were reworked into the Jenny Lind pattern.

Mardi Gras Line


The Mardi Gras line was introduced in late 1957 and saw very limited production before the plant closed in 1958. The line was available in an 8-item "A" and 12-item "B" assortments.

Modern Line


Collectors call this the "Modern" line based on name usage in "The Cambridge Glass Book" by Harold and Judy Bennett although we have no evidence to confirm this name.

1950s Miscellaneous




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