1402 Tally-Ho Line


The 1402 Tally-Ho line was introduced in 1932. Three design patents were issued to Will Cameron McCartney: 87,846 on September 27, 1932 illustrating a decanter; 87,932 on October 11, 1932 illustrating the 1402/3 10oz. Goblet or similar stem; and 88,102 on October 25, 1932 illustrating a Tally-Ho plate.

1936 Pristine Line


The Pristine line was introduced in 1937. Many items in this line were new items and several were patented. The line also included some older items with a shape that fit the plain, clean characteristics of the Pristine line. Many items were added to this line over the remaining years of Cambridge production.

3143 Gyro Optic Line


The short 3143 Gyro Optic line was introduced in the late 1930s. Twist optics were added to existing mold shapes to form the Gyro Optic line as noted. This line was made in Crystal, Mocha, Moonlight, La Rosa and Pistachio. Items 3143/10 - 3143/35 were not listed in Pistachio. These items were originally listed in La Rosa but were later dropped from the La Rosa listing. The Caprice #22 - 8½" Salad Plate was used as an accessory to this line.

3400 Line


The 3400 line was introduced to the trade in late 1929. This large and popular line received extensive promotion and coverage in the 1930-34 catalog.

3450 Nautilus Line


The 3450 Nautilus line was introduced in 1933. Design patent 89,828 was issued May 9, 1933 to Jess Clair Kelly. The patent showed the 84 oz. Jug.

3500 Gadroon Line


The 3500 "Gadroon" line was introduced in 1933 and various items continued in production until the plant closed in 1958. Many Decorations appeared on this line over the years.

3550 Caprice Line


Caprice was one of the most popular Cambridge lines. Production began in late 1935 and continued until the factory closed.

3600 Martha Line


The 3600 Martha line was introduced in 1938. Patent numbers 111,948 (bowl), 111,949 (stem), 111,950 (plate) and 111,951 (relish) were issued November 1, 1938 to Arthur James Bennett for this line. It included four stemware lines shown in separate albums: 3600, 3625, 3650 and 3675.

Everglade Line


Elements of the Everglade line were introduced beginning in 1929. The ultimate Everglade line is an accumulation of several lines and designs including the Leaf, Springtime, Early American and Everglade lines. Frosted finishes were often found on these items. Unique color names were used for these items with the frosted finish: Rose DuBarry (Peach-blo), Mystic (Willow Blue), Jade (Emerald), Cinnamon (Amber) and Krystol (Crystal). The La Fleur decoration featured frosted finishes with bright highlights.

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